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Created in 2007.  Jazzu combines the disciplines of Jazz, Neo-Soul and Funk with the experimentation and grit of underground house music. Each project has a unique sonic signature and occasionally features some of the most gifted Jazz musicians and vocalist.

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1 Bang Theory
CDock, Charles Dockins
jazz, bang, beats, soulful
2 Let's Bless Da Funk
CDock, Charles Dockins
funk, blues, soulful

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1 Whistle Scat Scream (CDock's Orig. Concept. Mix)
CDock, Charles Dockins
jazz, latin, soulful
2 Carousel Orig. Mixes (CDock's Orig. Concept Mix)
CDock, Charles Dockins
jazz, latin, soulful

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Carousel The Remix Project
Charles Dockins, CDock
jazz, latin, soulful

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Rapture of Love Gift Mix
CDock, Charles Dockins
jazz, soulful