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Created in 2007.  Ebony Sky  has become a blend  of the  textures and rhythms  taken from  World  Music and Afro with the soulfulness of House Music.   This label speaks with a  voice for freedom, equality and hope.  The lyrics are bold and get straight to the point. The music is earthy and  adds the perfect back drop  for lyrics  that highlight the complexities of this  world . Together, they are woven into music and  song. 

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1 Our Day Infusion Remixes
Doug Gomez, CDock
jazz, latin, soulful
2 Hot Summer Orig. Mixes
afro, soulful, world beat

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1 Our Day  (Doug Gomez' Tambores Mix)
Doug Gomez, Charles Dockins
beats, latin, soulful
2 Crying for Thunder CDock's Orig. Concept Mix
soulful, deep

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Hot Summer Afro Deep Rework
Charles Dockins
Afro, Deep, Soulful






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Our Day
Doug Gomez & CDock Infusion Mix
Jazz, Latin, Soulful