Charles Dockins aka CDock

DJ Life

Question: At what age did you begin DJing?  
I started around the age of 11.

Question: What was your first mixer and turntables?
A pair of Technic SLB 100's and a Realistic mixer.

Question: Can you recall your first non paying gig and your first paying gig? Where were they located?

Question: What was the first vinyl record that you purchased and the name of the record shop?  How old were you?
Aqua Boogie The Extended Disco Single in 1979. I was 9 years old.

Question: Can you recall the first record house music release that you purchased and the year? 
Todd Terry's A Day in the Life

Question: Past or present, name one or two of your favorite record shop?
 Metro Stereo in Mondawmin Mall, Baltimore MD, !2 inch Dance Records Baltimore, MD

Question: If you could visit any vinyl record shop in the world. Which would it be? 
Disco Pui in Italy

Question: Where did you hear your first House Music track? Do you recall the name of that tune and the year?  
An AM station named WEBB. The track was Jack Your Body probably around 1984. 

Question: Do you only enjoy spinning or listening to House Music? 
No, I listen to as many genres as I can.

Question: Name two non House Music songs that would stay be in your crate?
Run DMC Sucker MC's and Giant Steps John Coltrane

Question: Name one or two House Music songs that never leave your crate?

Question: Name one or two House Music record labels that never leave your crate?

Final Question: What's your current setup and what's the perfect DJ setup for you. Turntables, Controllers or CDJ's? Maybe a combination?
I currently use a controller. The perfect setup for me is one that consist of Technic 1200's and CDJ's. 

Production Life

Question: Are you producing and remixing House Music?  If so, what jump started your producing and remixing career?
Listening to the Latin Rascal Big Apple remixes and listening to local legends such as DJ Spen, 

Question: Which genre's of House Music do you prefer producing?
Soulful, Deep, Jazzy, Afro

Question: Name a House Music producer/remixer that you have collaborated with and one that would you like to collaborate with and why?
I have collaborated with Doug Gomez. I wouldn't mind vibing with Ralf Gum. I enjoy the feel of his drums.

Question: Do you have a background as a musician? If so, what is or was your instrument? 
Yes. Trumpet and Keys

Questions: Which part of your creative process do you enjoy the most?
The writing sessions.

Question: Which part of your creative process do you find most challenging?
Balancing a mix because I like every element to be upfront and in your face. 

Question: Would you mind sharing with us a small glimpse of your creative process? 
Sure. It starts with the writing. After writing, I begin to work out a concept that reflects the chord progression.

Question: Which past or present vocalist or musician would you like to collab with if given the chance?
Aretha Franklin. It's the soulful texture of her vocals. 

Question: Are you concerned about the future of House Music?
No. House music continues to grow and expand. It takes smaller steps than hip hop or pop music.

Question: What non house music activities do you enjoy?
I enjoy going to the zoo and the symphony hall.

Question: In a short answer, what is House Music to you?
House music is jazz to me.  Its one of ultimate forms of musical expression because other genres can be supported on its foundation of 4 to the floor. It's a music that unifies people around the world. It thrives on experimentation and evolution. But it also stays connected to its past. 

Question: Where do you draw your inspiration?
Learning songs from different genres always inspires me. 

Question: Is your production work impacted or influenced by other producer's contributions to House Music?
Yes. The Basement Boys had a huge impact on shaping my projects. 

Question: Which past or present day venue would you'd like to DJ or visit if given the opportunity? 
Paradise Garage

Question: Which recording environment do you prefer? Analog, Digital or both?
I enjoy both. 

Question: What is your preferred DAW workstation? 
Logic. It makes me feel creative the moment that I open it.

Question: What was your first piece or production gear and what year did you purchase it?
A Tascam PortaStudio 8 Track Multitrack Cassette Record

Question: Describe the perfect recording session?
The perfect session involves experimenting with ideas and being surprised by how the project evolves into reality. 

Question: What is the state of House Music in your city or country?
The Baltimore House Music scene is well supported by a small group of older folks between the ages of 40 and 70 who attend tseveral monthly events. Younger people are slowly but surely starting to support the vibes. 

Final Question: How has soulful house music evolved since the 90's?   internet, Its gone from being a sound driven by choppy chords and samples to a full on collage of jazz, RnB, etc. The musicianship and songwriting has matured as well as a new host of vocalist. 

In The Crate
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CDock's Orig. Concept Mix

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